Shooting in a National Park

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Zeis wrote:

Does anyone know if I need a permit to shoot a person using flash (Studio light, Beauty Dish, Light Stand, Battery Pack, Transmitters, Camera and misc things) were there is no money trading hands in a National Park?

I am not selling a product or a service and the image is only for my portfolio (I will give the image to the person in the photo but again they are not being paid and they are not using the images to sell a product). Its not a commercial shoot in any way (even thought people seem to think this when you use light outdoors for some reason) but I will say the girl is very attractive and looks like a model. There will be other people there 4 in total helping caring and general support (also no pay)

I do have a photography business but I am not a landscape photographer and again not going to sell the image. I can't images how I would make any money directly off of these images.

I am also not planning on doing this in a high traffic area or areas that would be consider not popular to a general tourist. The more private and remote looking the better is what I am going for. Also there is no nudity in the image as well. Totally family friendly...

Seems to be some language about commercial shooting, example a company shooting clothing or a product as well as many other possibilities. I get this but I am not even close to there official commercial descriptions. By the way this is for still photography.


There is a formal permit and a fee.   You are shooting an ad for a business. That cash is not changing hands in your particular scenario is irrelevant.

Go outside the park.

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