What is Back Button Focus all about?

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Re: What is Back Button Focus all about?

BobT wrote:


Excellent examples of applications for the Back Button Focus.  Just one additional thing.  Once you hit the back button and lock your focus, can you take your finger off of the back button; since the focus will be locked no matter what other settings (aperture, ISO, shutter speeds) you might wish to apply?  If so, how do you reset the the back button for other shots?  Just hit the "*" button?

Based on your samples, I think I'll try it out.



Hi Bob,

I'm not Derek, but yes, you are correct. Once you have acquired focus (lock), you can let go of the back-button. Take as many shots as you like. If you need to refocus, simply press the back-button again and then you can let go. If you are using an STM lens, you can also manually focus this way. It's called full-time manual focus override. You can manually focus even when the lens is set to AF.

When using AI Servo to continuously focus, you need to hold it down. It comes in handy when using AI Servo because you can track (focus) a bird in flight with the back-button, and take multiple shots using the shutter (burst). As long as you hold down the back-button, it will continuously refocus and you can then keep the shutter button down to take bursts of in-focus shots. Of course, your mileage will vary with respect to the in-focus part.


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