E-M10 or GX7???

Started Mar 27, 2014 | Discussions thread
frameman Contributing Member • Posts: 924
Re: E-M10 or GX7???

Well one day I will convert to a mirrorless camera, be it M4/3 or Fuji, time will tell. As I get older I find getting down low more of a problem and when I tested the GX7 and the OMD-EM 5 I found the rotating EVF on the GX7 usefull. I know both have tilting screens but I do like an eye to the camera. I doubt if there is a great variance in IQ between said 2 cameras but the elimination of shutter shock seems more reasonable on the GX7 using the e shutter. That just an opinion is all. I also like the EVF on top left my right eye being dominant, this is all subjective I know, so my advice is to do your best to get to a shop and feel, play, heft and generally get a feel for both. You will know then.

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