Fuji ISO Cheat?

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Re: Fuji ISO Cheat?

Christof21 wrote:

One f-stop is really important, I disagree. Doubling the shutter time is not significant ??

Anyway, there is a consensus about 1/3, 1/2 stop cheating, not 1 stop.. It is not huge but significant and unusual (other companies have close measures, look at dxomarks measures)

Why Fuji keeps on overstating its ISO ?? Every company has its own measurements which can differ slightly but Fuji has uncommon measures It has been mentioned by DPR.

So yes, I consider that Fuji is cheating. They know it (since the x-e1, x-pro1), they use it to exaggerate their high ISO performance. Fuji, stop cheating please.

You are, of course, presuming that everyone else is right because they happen to line up fairly closely?

When I was shooting film, I found Ilford films to be a couple of stops slower than what Ilford rated it at, and Kodak films even slower, yet they had the same speed ratings on the box.

Which company was cheating?

Or was it just different, but accepted methodology at work?

Before accusing anyone of cheating, you would do well to find out what their methodology is for determining their speed ratings.

You might just find the other guys are cheating to make their noise floor look better.

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