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Jaberwok wrote:

I've just come off the 'phone after a slightly surreal conversation with a director from one of our local property development-management firms.

A long conversation starting about how I was recommended by another for doing an excellent job and my webpage looks good etc etc..So far so good. I'm onto something here I thought...The conversation moves onto technical details of a €5m property to be advertised in the national press..even better!

Guy then moves on to complaining about the poor quality work done by an another aerial photographer and his partner who worked on the ground. Completely unsatisfactory etc and can I do better? This is getting strange: I know the couple concerned professionally: husband and wife team and their work is good.

Then we get onto price and we really hit the rocks.

I quote a ballpark figure dependant on seeing the location etc and there is a sudden silence on the end of the 'phone.

I'm told point blank that I'm overcharging by a factor of 3 and he can get an alternative for that price including photography from an aircraft. Now commercial aircraft hire here for photography is a minimum of €300 per hour and a helicopter €600 He reckons he can get one for €100 + VAT etc etc. I'm not particularly flexible on price and certainly not working at a loss. We left the conversation at 'I'll phone around and get back to you..'

The figures he's quoting are utterly impossible. You couldn't run a commercial aircraft at €100 per hour. The fuel costs more than that...I'm not arguing, I just politely restated my rate.

Where do these guys come from and what is the overriding motive for attempting to rip everybody off? He's complaining about the quality of the result and insisting on paying beer money rates. The concept of good money for a quality result is heresy?

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Things are no different on this side of the pond. I shoot high end real estate selling for millions of dollars. My clients are pleased and accept my rates. Most prospects that have asked m for price give the same treatment that you got. Here are some of my answers I give.

I can get done for ⅓ of what you want to charge.

A: I can get it done for you for 1/10 of what I charge. I have neighbor studying photography in college and he'd love to try it and get paid too.

A: You just told me that another photographer did bad work. I expect he charges ⅓ of what I do. You get what you pay for.  I charge 3X that rate and make my clients 100x happier with the photos.

Follow up comment: You are selling a very desirable and expensive house. You want it to look fantastic  in the ads. You cannot get fantastic by paying for mediocre. Look at my higher fee as an investment. You have been disappointed by one photographer. You could hire a less expensive photographer. You old me that when you did that you did not like the results. Bad photography had to be done over. Mine does not. I am a BMW and I do not sell for the price of a Volkswagon. Let's work this out so you get what you want. You need photos. You want fantastic photos. I can meet your need and want.

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