A6000 test cool extra - Clear Zoom Image E 55-210 vs D5300 55-300 VR exelent :-)

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correcting misunderstanding

Electrona wrote:

Hello again , this is a short comparison of the Clear Zoom function of A6000 with E 55-210 OSS and

the NIKON 55-300 VR . Clear zoom is actually a smart zoom up to 2 /Zoom range 0-2 times/times and by processing the image is creating a file again 24Mp

There is nothing particularly smart about 'clear zoom', it's nothing more than a glorified crop and interpolation. One can do the same in any PP with likely better results. The only smart thing about it is the marketing, taking a pedestrian processing and presenting it as something superior.

but now we have an 'artificial' zoom 55-210 4.5-6.3 + the expanded range of 210-420 4.5-6.3

This is another error. As a result of 2x cropping, the lens becomes 110-420mm f/9-12.6 in APS-C equivalent. You get a lot less light (thus noise) and a lot deeper DOF than from the Nikon lens.

Bottom line, it's hard and expensive to produce high resolution, bright telephoto lenses, and cropping is no substitute.

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