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Hi, I hope this is the the right forum to post this in, apologies and suggestions welcome if I need to move it!

i tried it in the photo tech bit, but as I was using my XE1 I thought I'd give  here a try!

i recently bought a tiffin 10 stop grad from Camera world when I was done at the recent Photography Show.

I've never previously used one, but having googled it's use, I fairly confident I'm not going too far wrong.

My problem is at wider apertures like f4 it's fine, but stopping down to say f16 gives me a bright disc dead centre of the image. I don't think it can be difraction, as surely as a landscapers tool it should work fine with smaller apertures , and I've tried it with both a Fuji XE1/ 18-55mm combo and

the 14mm (using a stepping ring) and a Nikon 800/ 24-70 mm. Both on different days and different lighting conditions and I'm experiencing the same problem.

I returned either it to the store, who have been unable to recreate the same problem in the same store, but they probably didn't stop it down as I didn't discover it goes away at wider apertures until I tried again with the replacement. (I might be an old cynic, but I also wonder if they might have just sent me the same one back as they couldn't recreate the issue and thought it was fine!)

anyone else ever come across this issue, am I doing something wrong stopping down to f16 and beyond, or have I got one from a bad batch?

any thoughts gratefully received!

Fujifilm X-E1
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Flat view
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