OMD EM1 or Fuji XT1.. getting around noise issue on m 4/3 ?

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Thanks for the real-world tests!

dko22 wrote:

jim stirling wrote:

You may use it all the time but it only benefits you if you are shooting a static subject in very low light at a very slow shutter speed and using primes as Fuji has zoom lenses starting at 15mm { FF equiv AOV } . So once again IS { of any kind } is very useful in certain niche situations no doubt . Though I would certainly question just how significant a part of most peoples photography this actually covers. If you can get to the focal reciprocal shutter speed IS does nothing, if you are shooting moving subjects it does nothing, if you are shooting zooms all the systems have a wide focal range covered .

Good point, Jim. And I recently did a series of tests comparing the E-M5 IBIS with the 18-55 Fuji IS. I'd expected the OMD to do better but in fact the Fuji not only matched it but even showed an advantage on at least half the shots. I could get pin sharp exposures at 1/2 sec with the Fuji whereas with the Olympus there were merely acceptably sharp (any longer than that I have never managed so I've no idea how folk manage to get 1 second with a 50mm equivalent).

As regards noise, I am comfortable on average with the Fuji X-E1 at 5000, the OMD at 3200 and the PM1 at 1000 when processing RAWs in Photo Ninja. Fuji does have a clear advantage but the difference is much less than the difference between the OMDs and the earlier gen. Panasonic m43 sensor.


Thanks for the real-world test!

I always had doubts when I read that OMD users could maintain handheld shots for that long.

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