f-number equivalent between m43 and FF

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The signal is not the photo.

D Cox wrote:

Well, such debates on terminology can be never-ending.

My opinion is that the signal is the photograph. To be more precise, it is the array of numbers in a digital image that provides information about objects and light.

The photo is a representation of the signal, not the signal itself.

Now, part of that is information about the random arrival of photons. As photographers, we are not very interested in the statistics of how photons behave, so we try to separate the noise from the image signal.

Noise is an inherent property of the signal itself.

I don't think a single measurement (one pixel, one exposure) should be called a signal. There has to be a set of measurements (different pixels in photography, samples at different times in audio).

So, in "The light intensity at specific points" the important things is that it is plural. The information (the picture) comes from comparing those points: the signal is the differences between the numbers from the pixels. (In audio, it is the differences in the numbers from sample to sample.)

You may not agree.

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