Running Win95 programs on Vista/Win7

Started Mar 26, 2014 | Questions thread
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wine tricks, play on linux

Chris wrote:

As others have suggested trying all sorts of solutions, I would like to add to the VirtualBox option. I'm not sure wine is a great way forward, my experiences have not been great.

Wine Tricks, Play On Linux.

Those two utilities do things like setup a custom environment for complex Windows applications, and can download Microsoft libraries and install them for you in your Wine environment. IOW, you're not relying on the libraries included with Wine alone in order to get a more complex program running.

With Play On Linux, a virtual Windows environment is setup when you install a new program, allowing you to select a specific wine version (from a list of a lot of different wine releases) windows version you want to emulate, etc. with Microsoft program libraries automatically installed and configured to best match one of the programs you select from it's available categories.

So, if you pick a more complex program that needs lots of Microsoft libraries (.net releases, etc.), that often gives you what is needed to install other "stubborn" programs if you use the same "virtual" drive/windows configuration that Play On Linux created for a more complex application (for example, Photoshop CS4, IE 7 or 8, etc.).

You'll have to be the judge of whether or not you'd be violating any Windows license agreements by installing Windows libraries inside of that kind of environment using utilities like Play On Linux (and opinions vary, depending on whether or not you have a legal copy of Windows on the PC you're running Wine under with Microsoft Proprietary libraries installed inside of a Wine config).

Basically, you can have a variety of virtual Wine configurations in the same Linux installation using it (each with their own windows folders, registries, libraries, wine version, etc.).

Of course, not everything is going to run OK in Wine.

But, since we're talking about older programs that were used with Windows 95, versus very new programs that are more integrated into a newer Operating Systems libraries; I suspect that compatibility would be very good with Wine (even without using wine helper utilities like play on linux).  The OP would have to try it to find out.

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