Running Win95 programs on Vista/Win7

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P.S. Lighter distro...

BTW, see this post for more information about a lighter distro (Linux Lite 1.08) you could run in a Virtual Machine. It's a smaller download (CD size versus DVD size) and uses a lighter XFCE desktop with less in the way of CPU resources compared to more full featured linux offerings.

Just use this link to download the 32 bit .iso for it:

When you create a new Virtual Machine in Virtual Box, just tell it you're using 32 bit Ubuntu. This one should run OK in 512MB of memory (which you can set when you create a new Virtual Machine, or change later using the Virtual Box Machine>Settings>System>Motherboard Tab after selecting the listing for a Virtual Machine (it will need to be shut down to change those kinds of settings). I've been testing it that way under VirtualBox (running with 512MB or less of memory), and it works fine that way.

I'd just use an 8GB virtual hard drive to install it to (probably what VirtualBox will default to for a 32 bit Ubuntu choice).  If doesn't have Wine or PlayOnLinux preinstalled. But, it's simple to get that kind of thing for it.

Basically, after you have it installed to a Virtual Machine, click on the Menu button in Linux Lite, select the System menu, and you'll see an option to "Install Wine" that installs Wine, Winetricks, and more.

After Wine is installed, see if Play On Linux is installed or not (it would be in the Games menu). If not, open the Linux Lite Software Center (under the System Menu), search for playonlniux (all one word using lower case for the package name)) and click the install button to install it.

Then, when you want to install a new Windows Program, use it for more options (again, it should install under the Games menu by default). The first time you run PlayOnLInux, it will ask if you want to do things like install Microsoft Fonts. Let it (so you'll have fonts that many Windows programs are written to use).  Then, when you click on Install Programs, you'll see a link to "install an unlisted program" you can use if the Windows software you want to use is not shown under any of it's categories.

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