Alternative RAW processor for Olympus EM1

Started Mar 27, 2014 | Polls thread
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Alternative RAW processor for Olympus EM1

I have been using Lightroom since version 2, and through the years I have found it to be the best organized photo database/editor in the market. When I shot Nikon, I thought LR did a good job getting detail and maintaining low noise, but compared to Capture NX, the colors were a little off. However, LR's speed and convenience won me over. My switch to Canon was smooth because LR seems to handles .cr2 files better than .nef, and I had the same benefits as before but now I liked the color more.

My issues with how LR handles the Em1 files are this:

  • Noise at base ISO
  • Images are not as sharp at base settings

I have played with the settings, I've increased the sharpening radius, added mask at various settings, played with noise reduction, but in the end the Olympus Viewer 3 file always wins (at lower ISO speeds). For general stuff, I just use LR, but when I have a photo that I intend to print huge, I start in Olympus Viewer, export the tif and then finish it off with Adobe products.

I downloaded trials of DXO and Capture One (C1) before. I found DXO slow and the files may actually look worse than LR. The C1 trial I last tried was a generation ago when I was looking for a program that handled Nikon D800 with better colors and speed. It was definitely fast and the colors looked better, but I hated the interface which had the counterintuitive feel of a OEM.

Aperture is not an option since I am on Windows. My question to EM1 users, have you found a one stop solution to your workflow that saves you time and gets you better results than LR?

Capture One (C1)
35.3% 6  votes
17.6% 3  votes
Photo Ninja
17.6% 3  votes
Olympus Viewer 3
17.6% 3  votes
Other (Picasso, GIMP, Photivo, Lightzone, ACDsee, etc.)
11.8% 2  votes
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Nikon D800 Olympus E-M1
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