Which zoom lens would you like to see made for everyday general use....

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Re: Which zoom lens would you like to see made for everyday general use....

jeffharris wrote:

superstar905 wrote:

Starting this poll as I was thinking of a lens I would like to see that would serve all my needs without needing to scramble for changing lenses.

How about: None of the Above because I'd rather see a different/longer zoom range.

Me, even though I much prefer primes and am pretty much set in terms of the lenses I already have. It would be nice to see a lens in between the current kit and "pro" zooms and the super zooms. I'd use it as a travel and "social" lens. All of the kit zooms, including the 12-35mm and 12-40mm have too short a range for my tastes, while the 14-140mm II is a bit much. I'd prefer better image quality, something in between the kits and the "pros" and priced accordingly.

So, I'd vote for something like a 12-60mm f2.8-4. A bit slower aperture would be okay, but not preferable. Something like the existing Olympus 4/3 lens, but a bit smaller because it would be native M4/3 (not needing an adaptor) and of course, with fast M4/3 level focus speed.

My 2ยข.

I agree with this, or maybe even a 12-75. Either way, it seems to me the obvious omission, especially given that we have a choice of two 14-140/150 superzooms and two fast 12-35/40 2.8 optics. Given the popularity of m43 for travel I would have thought a fairly fast, weather-sealed, high performance 12-60 or 75 would be very well received by those who prefer to use a single zoom or who also have a longer zoom such as a 75-300.

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