Mike Hession reviews X-T1

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Re: Mike Hession reviews X-T1

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He's really to the point, isn't he?

Its another review, by someone that does not own the camera.

Do you complain when DPR does a review? They don't own the cameras either.

The gizmodo review was very non biased. I can see why it gets panned here.

I'm not a fanboy by any means the Fuji has shortcomings but which camera doesn't. My only real gripe after 4 weeks of use, is the video button is too easily turned on, especially when adjusting the exposure compensation whilst the camera is at the eye. I expect that to be remedied with a firmware update.

I love the dials, they are easy to manage and the D pad has the right feel for me, but then I don't have fingers like cuban cigars. I have found using it to be a totally pleasurable experience, of course I could find fault somewhere but the faults are really minor. The way Fuji have approached camera design is not perfect but its much better than some others, where operations become severly limited by kludgy menu's.

I thought the X pro 1 to be one of the best cameras I have used, but the Xt1 is a little better.

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"Film is not a means to the end of "looking like film"... Making film-based photographs is an end in itself for me, not some kind of elaborate photoshop plugin. If I can't put Tri-X in the goddamn thing, I don't want it."

This from the guy who said al Canon macros with usm are fast.  I noticed no response when I pointed out the 60mm Canon macro usm as slow.  I owned it, and it can be very slow.

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