Running Win95 programs on Vista/Win7

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Re: free alternative to try...

Joe186 wrote:

Okay, working on doing it... thank you very much! (awesome dude!)

Tip... if programs won't install directly in wine by clicking on their installers and running them, try using Play On Linux. It should be preinstalled in the distro I mentioned from what I can see of it's docs.

It will usually be listed under the Games Menu somewhere when installed in most Linux distros.

If not, try using the menu's search box for play on lnux (or just type play and it should find it). It has preconfigured setup scripts for some apps. But, if you don't see an app listed, just use the install an unlisted app choice instead.

Basically, it will let you do things like pick a Windows version to emulate, choose from a variety of different Wine versions (not just the one installed in your Linux distro), and much more.

It just sets up an isolated virtual configuration and drive inside of that linux distro when you customize an app installation using different wine choices. Sometimes, you can also pick an app that's similar to the one you want to install, and use it's same virtual drive and windows setup to get other more complex apps to work, too (so that they have libraries needed to work, since it's smart enough to download a lot of microsoft libraries if an app may need them).

IOW, you can install multiple applications to the same virtual drive configuration created by Play On Linux, and each virtual instance of Wine will have it's own Windows folders, registries, libraries, etc. when using it that way (like having multiple different Windows installations, all running in virtual instances within the same Linux distribution)

It's a neat tool for getting more Windows apps to run in Wine under Linux.

Of course, if all else fails, just install XP in a Virtual Machine using Virtual Box.

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