What to buy?

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Parishrut Pandey Junior Member • Posts: 43
What to buy?

Hello everybody.

I am looking to buy my first DSLR and am extremely confused. Help would be greatly appreciated.

I have shortlisted 3 cameras:

- Nikon D5200

- Canon 60D (about the same price)

- Nikon D7000 (about 25% costlier)

I want a camera for non-professional, family use (for trips and stuff) and for creative use. I might also indulge in a little creative videography. I like framing and composing photos and it would make a great pasttime. I own a Nikon Coolpix L110 presently and I feel greatly restricted by its limited capabilities. It is slow to focus, unusable in low light and allows next to no manual controls.

I had a chance to get my hands on Canon 60D and Nikon D5300 yesterday. Unfortunately the D7000 is not available anywhere near where I live for testing. From what I have researched and after using the two cameras, and since I want to buy a camera for non-professional use, I am satisfied with the image quality of both the cameras and that is not a factor. I am also fine with any differences in shutter speed and such factors as long as the cameras are decent. Any camera is a huge step up from my P&S.

The thing is that I have got above average sized hands and and neither of the two cameras is a perfect fit.

For example, on the Canon 60D, after I gripped the grip comfortably, I found that my clicking finger rested on the dial instead of the shoot button and I had to make it reach the shoot button. Alternatively, if I rested that finger on the shoot button and gripped the grip, my pinky went under. Didn't feel very uncomfortable, but since it is not natural, would it be a factor in the long run? The buttons on the rear of the 60D were also very squishy and hard to use.

On the 5300 (which I assume is similar to the 5200) my thumb, which is quite long, had a little trouble in rotating the rear dial and I had to curl my thumb a bit in the normal gripping position.

I have read about the D7000 and I loved it. The controls are the best thing about it and the height of the camera is good enough for my hand to rest comfortably. I wouldn't think twice before choosing if it wasn't that much costlier than the 60D. It is painfully over-budget, but for how good it is, is it worth going over-budget?

The thing is, if I buy either the Nikon D5200 or Canon 60D, I can upgrade after 4-5 years, but if I buy the D7000, I will have to keep it as long as it lasts.

Finally, I have seen that wherever such comparison questions have been asked in such forums (between two brands), people usually ask for the kind of photography the thread maker pursues and tell that the lenses are a big factor. Could you please throw some light on how Nikon and Canon differ in their lenses? Also, are there good NIkon lenses that come without a motor that I may use with D7000, thus saving for the extra money I would have paid for D7000?

Also, what is magic lantern?

Thank you so much.

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