Need help for shutter speed & aperture

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Re: Need help for shutter speed & aperture

There are two sources of blur which shutter speed can help with.

The first is shake blur. This is when the camera moves during the exposure. To avoid this you would normally use a shutter speed faster than 1/( focal length x crop factor ). That's a rule of thumb, not a guarantee.

The second is motion blur. Motion blur is when the subject moves during the exposure. How fast a shutters peed you need depends on the subject, but for humans engaged in normal activities a reasonable guideline would be 1/200th or faster. Obviously if they're running fast or twirling about that requires more.

Image stabilization helps with shake blur, but not with motion blur. In fact careless use of image stabilization may mean that the shutter speed is far too low to avoid motion blur.

So it is important to keep an eye on shutter speed.

Note : Flash bursts are very, very short duration and they "freeze motion" due to the very intense lighting for that short period. A common technique with flash is dragging the shutter, which is explained here :

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