Was olympus right?

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they actually dropped that requirement long ago

Funny. They dropped the telecentric requirement in moving to micro43 and have instead been far more dependent on software corrections. e.g. look at RAW samples of the 14/2.8.. its basically a near-fisheye lens.

So, the new designs seem to be going in two directions. No compromise optical perfection like the Otus.. and design for cost and compactness and making up the difference with software, ala m43.

Stacey_K wrote:

I know when olympus announced 4/3 and their telecentric "digital lenses" lineup, the internet community laughed at this being a real need. But now, it appears to me, at least in the F mount, all the newer wide angle lenses that are being designed for dLR's are much longer lenses which points to them being more telecentric. Even the new sigma 50mm was designed as a retro focus lens. It also seems that the older telephoto lenses seem to work OK or even very well on digital, but almost none of the old wide angle lenses do. Just something I have noticed.

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