Are you undecided on the 27mm?

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Re: Thenks Les,

historianx wrote:

darngooddesign wrote:
It bears mentioning that the X100 is an X-E1 with 27mm and the X100S is an X-E2 with 27mm. So what you spent on the XE1 combo you could have had a used X100.
That being said, your two camera combo is a solid setup. Enjoy.

No, the X100 has a conventional Bayer color filter array NOT X-Trans. And both cameras have 23mm lenses not 27mm. You're confusing the argument here.

Since I was replying to someone who was directly comparing the X100 cameras to the XE cameras I didnt feel like anything was confused, but perhaps I was wrong to think so.

That being said, the X100 is much closer the X-E1 and the X100S is much closer to the X-E2.

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