Olympus sp-100ee superzooms compared a day at the shops

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Olympus sp-100ee superzooms compared a day at the shops

Hi all,

I thought I like to share my experience from today comparing super zoom cameras and below is my subjective opinion on comparing these cameras. I went to 2 shops took photos indoors and viewed them on their computer. I took photos of all multicolored textas and in another shop fruit and textas together. Photos were taken close up and approx. 4 m away. I took photos on AUTO setting

Nikon P600: Was the sharpest, brightest and most detailed of the images. I found however the images indoors lacked a little vibrancy but were the cleanest and looked natural. They took the brightest photos indoors Also focusing took a bit of time (slow) especially on video and a bit with photos as well.

Canon sx50: The most vibrant/full color (same as canon sx700), detailed and clean. Good focusing on video and photos. Love the smoothness of the zoom , I am impressed. I liked the colours on the canon but loved the cleanliness of the Nikon P600 photos. Hard choice.

Olympus sp-100: The second most vibrant (behind canon) more vibrant than Nikon P600 , detailed images. Good focusing on both on video and photos, and very smooth operation, but a little more difficult than canon to navigate the menu. However I tried two Olympus and one seemed to take darker photos, it kept going to ISO1600 so the photos were a bit more grainy than the first two above. All other cameras were around ISO 400 or 800. I wasn't sure if it was faulty. The other Olympus in the other shop seem to take cleaner photos and werent as dark, I was impressed.

Olympus colors are vibrant, natural and sharp with good detail. Actually the shop assistant commented it probably had the best contrast in the photos of all cameras.

Canon sx700: I felt the images matched the quality of the sx50 (vibrant, clear, detailed) and it was the best overall video quality of all units tested, very smooth fast focusing on both videos and photos. Probably the best video of all these cameras. I briefly took a couple photos with the sx280, I felt the sx700 was sharper and more detailed.

Nikon P9700: Nice detailed images not as vibrant and clean as the canons. Focusing not as good as the sx700. I like that it has panorama mode but canon dosent.

Nikon L830: Images detailed but a bit flat/dull in color and more grainy at high ISO. Focusing took awhile to on video and photos. Good budget camera

Panasonic F270 (I think) 60 x zoom: It seem to have focusing issues, it took okay photos not very clean photos.

I haven't decided what I get yet as I want to do some tests outdoors and more zoom shots. At least 4 of them I be happy to keep, so hard to choose.



Nikon Coolpix P600 Olympus Stylus SP-100 PowerShot SX700 Samsung L830
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