Flickr redesign has started.... :((

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I thought Flickr had died years ago?

Sonyshine wrote:

Its bad news again!

Flickr have imposed the new layout onto English speakers.

Its awful, slow, blurry and white/grey font on black?

Come on Flickr!

I used to spend time on Flickr.

Then one of my full res photos was stolen by WWF Switzerland and used in some of their publications.  Sure they mentioned my name, but did they ask for a license, and did they offer to pay?  Nope.  So I stopped (naively) posting high res images and stopped at 1mp or so.

Then I occasionally tried to share some of my favourite photos with friends - but I found it was way too complex:  either the person had to join Flickr (perhaps this was the original "smart" business plan but non-photo-geeks weren't interested), or you could "give" them a permanent or one-time "ticket" to access the photos.  Come ON!  In the meantime FB allowed for quick an easy sharing so that's where I went, and I never looked back.  And I then assumed that Flickr had progressively died.

Now I read your post, and it surprises me that Flickr is still in existence!  Apparently it still has a lot of users, even if it is roughly 4-5x smaller than FB and the users likely do much less on it.  But where it hurts is when Flickr has about 8bn photos, compared to over 250bn ie over 31x more on FB.

Feels to me that whatever Flickr had been doing right in their early days, Yahoo! made sure it killed after it acquired them.  Missing the social dimension was a pretty huge blunder - if they had had just one teenager on the payroll and let that person play 5 minutes with their thing then they would have had their answer...

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