Are you undecided on the 27mm?

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Re: Are you undecided on the 27mm?

This is a joke is all I can say.

The way this was tested is basically pixel peeping for many that keep this stuff on a hard drive and or do not make large prints. If you are making 8X10 prints all the time and shooting all the time you should be shooting Full Frame.

Next, this reviewer did not shoot people so you could see flesh tones. Forget that, if you are shooting landscapes I would shoot with various landscapes because IMO where the light is and time of day matter.

Next, he never explained from what I recall how he set Dynamic Range, that can make a huge difference in the final result.

99% looking at a photography will just like the way it looks or not, until you call attention to a tiny detail in the background.

Some use only primes, only zooms or a combination. Now for sake of cost only the user knows that, but how much focal length overlap do you need and what are you shooting that you do need it.

Your money and time and you can only use one camera and lens at one time.

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