Panasonic Nocticron v. Olympus 75mm

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Re: Olympus 75mm is not a "make do" lens

Vlad S wrote:

grey0135 wrote:

By all accounts, the Olympus is of optical stellar quality, but the focal length is on the long side for portraiture (which has put me off from buying it).

I think many people are "making do" with the focal length because the lens is so good, but it seems to me the lens will be much less useful once the Panasonic comes out.

It is not too long, it is simply designed for a different look, with much more compressed background. 135mm f2.0-2.8 for the 35mm film cameras were just as classical portrait choice as the 80mm. You can see how many of them have been produced by every manufacturer. It is not a "make do" lens, it's a high end choice for glamour portraiture.


I agree that a longer focal length can make for very flattering head shot portraits, perhaps more so than the classic 90 mm FOV (or 45mm for MFT), of course, many other factors, such as lighting.  I saw a very interesting comparison of three focal length head shot portraits in a Tony Northrup book, and for the subject, the 170mm shot was the most classically flattering.

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