XT1 ISO Performance?

Started Mar 27, 2014 | Discussions thread
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ianbrown Senior Member • Posts: 1,969
XT1 ISO Performance?

Having had FF cameras for many years IQ has always been at the top of my priority list but as like many others the weight and size becomes an issue on occasions and the technology feels dated.

So I am considering the XT1 as it "appears" to strike a balance of size and performance.

I guess if you were used to an APS camera then it would be a no brainer, but coming down in sensor size you sociologically think you are loosing performance in ISO and resolution?

So one option is to use it as a second camera to support a D610 or D800 etc, however reading other threads some users of multi systems say they hardly use their FF and others say they wouldn't be without it, just for that 10% of time when needed?

My main dilemma is ISO performance on the DP review studio tool the XT1 doesn't look very good when you compare to Oly OMD 10 or Nikon D7100 (see link below)


Is this because the view is at 100% and the fact is you won't see the difference in prints? If so up to what size?

It looks like the A7 can produce better images at 6400 than the XT1 at 1600?

Views and comments appreciated



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