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Re: Simpler yet. Photons are the signals.

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Photons are the "signal". Each photon carries information, and is therefore a signal. A camera sensor records those signals on a sensor that integrates photons/unit area over time. A photographic sensor is just one way to measure the signal.

An intriguing view. May I ask what information a photon carries?

That it is there, and its energy.

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plus - for completeness - momentum, and angular momentum, quantum vector quantities representing direction information and polarisation, and no less important for photography. (I'm sure you know that.)

Also in the usual picture of quantum mechanics it is, strictly speaking, misleading to describe the randomness of the photons as existing "before" detection (even though one very nearly always gets the right answer from a practical or engineering point of view).

Yes, most photographically important photons are emitted randomly, and yes almost all cameras detect them randomly, but - at least in principle - entanglement, squeezed states and so forth could be applied in photography. For that reason it is only really correct to claim that the randomness exists post-detection. I've resisted posting that for a year or two (sorry, but I can't resist any longer).


(search quantum camera)

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