Seeking Review / Critique of this Portrait

Started Mar 20, 2014 | Photos thread
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Since you asked.

Sniffer81 wrote:

Hi I am seeking a review of this portrait I took last night of my Daughter. I used lightroom 5 for editing, no photoshop. Does it look over edited / fake? I am aiming for a something that looks natural but really enhances the subject. Any tips are welcome.

It's a great pic of anyone's daughter. I like -

What is in focus

What isn't

That the edge of the skirt is visible on three sides as is the grass and it nicely frames the top right quadrant focus point. And it's floaty.

That you kept the text OOF

I think the image looks optimized color wise (Astia like)  and I like the gradations through the pastels.

I normally am not a fan of cropping heads but since there isn't much there it probably plays better framed this way.  I hate the too big, too saccharine banner.

The looking up at the camera shot can only be used so many times  before it gets old but you pulled it off here.

I imagine folks into this sort of Steel Magnolias Easter egg hunt  look  would love this  to use for a family  Easter card.

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