OMD EM1 or Fuji XT1.. getting around noise issue on m 4/3 ?

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My ISO thoughts

I haven't read all the replies, because I found a lot of them less than courteous. Dpreview is like a minefield sometimes

Here's what I think: the lowlight race is over-rated. I started shooting in the days of film. Even at the end of that era, when the technology had been pushed to its limits - shooting anything over 400 asa (iso) was out of the question if you wanted clean images. This was also in the time before stabilization existed. You can take 90% of your shots - except for low-light miracles, or freezing action - at 400 iso and lower. Add to that today's stabilization and you can probably get 99% of your shots under 400.

When we shot sport in those days, we used faster film and the grain was ok because the idea was to capture a action moment, not create art.

You'll have to figure out what your priorities are. Personally, I like the added dof of m43 since I like to shoot macro and landscapes. If I ever do a portrait and want extremely shallow dof, I photoshop it.

Weight is important to me, and since 400 iso is about equal between any system today, m43 gets my vote because size/weight of a multi-lens system is still in m43 favor.

There is one issue though: m43 requires wider lenses for comparable mm. Supposing you often shoot at what would be normal 50mm on fullframe, the XTI requires a 35mm and a m43 needs a 25mm.

A 25mm is a 25mm no mater what system it is attached to, And... a 25mm is a wide-angle and comes with all the optical complications that all wideangles due to curved glass and the required compensations to offer up a decent image (more glass + software). So there are + and -

m43 still gets my vote (until the day Fuji starts releasing small f2 primes)

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