OMD EM1 or Fuji XT1.. getting around noise issue on m 4/3 ?

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Re: Oh, really?

dgrogers wrote:

Aethon wrote:

dgrogers wrote:

It is a fact that Fuji has excessive noise reduction.

This is not a fact. (Excessive noise reduction would show lack of detail. There is none)

There is a reason people say skin on shots from Fuji looks like plastic.

This is not a fact. (this applies to a very specific use-case: high-ISO JPGs only. ISOs lower than about 5000 aren't affected, nor are RAWs. It doesn't apply to the OP's situation)

Let's not forget about the water color effect that often crops up either.

This is not a fact. (this complaint was pretty much obsolescent a year ago)

If you think rendering that looks like it was painted by water color and plastic skin is detail, you're smoking some good stuff.

I own both m43 and Fuji. I know your signature says you're infatuated with your Olympus, but really there's no reason to post misinformation.

The issues I mention are well documented.

Fuji Watercolor

Fuji Plastic Skin

Do I need to post a link for noise reduction during raw conversion?

Watercolor and "Plastic" are greatly exaggerated. Oly and Fuji handle jpegs differently. In my opinion, Oly oversharpens jpegs, while Fuji uses to much noise reduction. I turn both down to the lowest level and I find BOTH too much even at their lowest settings.

Here is my response including crops from Fuji showing what happens if you use the default noise reduction settings for jpegs. I use -2 NR and -1 or -2 Sharpness for Fuji.  Fuji's smoothing is only an issue with 6400 ISO jpegs. If I want more detail at ISO 6400 I use RAW which has tons of detail.

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