Which to buy? New FZ70 or used FZ200/(Sx50, HS50EXR etc..)

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Which to buy? New FZ70 or used FZ200/(Sx50, HS50EXR etc..)

Hi guys, first post from a total bridge/superzoom newbie.

After breaking my Panasonic TZ20 a few days ago, I decided to look for a new camera.

The thing is that I am in Nepal for the next 3 months, which greatly limits my options(or greatly increase the price), so my best option is either to by new or used from an ebay-seller that will ship to Nepal.

My budget is 400$ which is absolutely maximum! (Including postage fees)

My options/considerations are:
(All prices include shipping to Nepal)

New camera;

Panasonic FZ70; 300$ including bundle (16gb sd10, bag, lens cleaner etc)

Fuji Finepix HS350EXR; 400$

Canon PowerShot SX50; 400$

Used Camera;
FZ200; 380-400 $
SX50; 275 $
HS50EXR; 280-300$

I don't mind buying used stuff, though I never bought a used camera before. But if something is wrong with the camera, the return shipment would be 50$ or so.

I already know the differences between the cameras, so my question is simple; where would I get the most bang and the most beautiful pictures for my buck?

The FZ70 deal sounds amazing to me, as I actually need the things included in the bundle, I know that the accessories might be of a questionable quality, but I consider them as a free gift, that might work.

The camera will mostly be used for wildlife pictures and mountain/lake scenery.

Please don't torture me with what I could get for just 500$... 400$ is the limit

Did I miss other interesting superzooms in that price range?

Greetings from Nepal

Theis W

P.s. I have received a lot of parcels from US/Europe/China here, and never missed one, so the local postal service is hassle free.

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