Flickr redesign has started.... :((

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The latest update is plagued with "Mystery Meat User Interface". That's the official name for it in the interface design community and there were lots of papers written about it. I think the big pusher for it was Android OS. Also since the person who's responsible for the new Flickr design is from Google, it's not really surprising they are going that way.

I hate this kind of interfaces, they expect the user to play around with the UI instead of using it to get the work done. Even the latest iOS7 is going that way, where as before a lot of the icons had text on what they will do when pressed. Now it's a vague icon which has to be pressed before I know what kind of mystery will happen next.

Anyway, I'm a big user of flickr, that's where my photos are. I used to use 500px, smugmug etc... but I settled on flickr since it's free and there's a lot more community than the previous websites.

What I don't like now, is how BBCode embeding has changed. Before at the bottom of my photos it had my name and link to the image itself. Now it's only an image and if the image is clicked, it goes to my photostream of flickr. This would be great if a lot of websites wouldn't just mirror the photo and intercept the click... just as well I can include a link to my photo like this instead...

Or I could watermark my photos with that information.

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