OMD EM1 or Fuji XT1.. getting around noise issue on m 4/3 ?

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Re: OMD EM1 or Fuji XT1.. getting around noise issue on m 4/3 ?

jim stirling wrote:

pede59 wrote:

It was mentioned there that Fuji adds some noise reduction before they write their raw file. If you actually take a EM1 raw file and apply a small amount of noise reduction the image quality was very comparable.

While you are right that people claim this and it may even be correct .There is no way to match the noise and detail level of the X-T1 using the E-M1 .This is a 100% crop sample of both cameras at 3200ISO , NR turned off in ACR { ACR is far from optimum for Fuji RAW files}, no processing other than cropping to size. Sample area taken from the centre of the image wh ere the respective lenses do best. Sure you can add NR to the E-M1 { at the cost of detail where it is already lagging } , sharpen the detail and the noise becomes intolerable .So no you cannot match the image quality.

I think the best you can claim is that the obvious gap in image quality may be a bit narrower than some conclude but the gap is very real

Link to RAW files



Here are the E-M1 vs the X-T1 at 3200ISO , both shots taken with the same lighting, same aperture and shutter speed

Straight raw ACR nr off zero processing

NR added to E-M1 { it now has even less detail while still lagging behind noise wise}

NR added to E-M1

Sure, if the right half is XT1 and the left is EM1 than the XT1 image looks better. That is all i can say.

The reference i pointed to is simply the DPR studio test scene. I downloaded the raw image. After adding some noise reduction (25 in LR5.3) i did not see a lot of difference between XT1 and EM1 anymore - neither in noise nor fine detail.

So that does not match the fairly significant difference that you comparison shows.

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