Gear selection for Cuba from US

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Re: Mostly safe in the right areas. Two bad experiences!

Been twice to Havana. Took all my best stuff to get my best shots! Very photogenic place. Wandered off the beaten path & started to get followed so turned back to the safer areas.

My sister & her friend were mugged in the main Havana tourist area, pushed to the ground by young guys & handbags stolen (very inconvenient!). She said the three hours in the police station was worse! The teller at the main bank in Havana tried to rip me off changing money! Don't pick it up just count it with one finger under the camera. She relented after 2 minutes of drawer banging and gave me the full amount with a crash of her fist!

Same as anywhere, you are a target. The photos are worth the effort however and most people are very friendly. The maid in the hotel stole my golf balls but that's another story.........

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