What exactly is Canon doing?

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Re: What exactly is Canon doing?

Craig76 wrote:

Canon is pushing innovation with the dual pixel thing which will likely make its way into other models soon. The 6D AF is sensitive down to -3 EV!!!!! and that 20mp sensor on the 6D controls noise while keeping its dynamic range up through the higher ISOs better than that 36mp and 24mp sensor that Sony has been pumping out.

I think this illustrates the problem I mentioned elsewhere.  Mid-20's MP, -3EV, 100K ISO - exactly what additional sensor capability is really going to make a big difference in sales to the broad marketplace.  Like PC's, they are now good enough for almost everyone, and the next step in capabilities just doesn't drive upgrade sales like previous generations did.  If you're not going to sell as many, you greatly slow the development cycle.  I think it's just a reality of a maturing market.

The key to success will be new features that haven't been explored yet - dual pixel is the latest.  But with GPS, WiFI, etc., also becoming common, what is that next "must have" to drive sales?  I guess that's their challenge.

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