f-number equivalent between m43 and FF

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Photons are the "signal". Each photon carries information, and is therefore a signal. A camera sensor records those signals on a sensor that integrates photons/unit area over time. A photographic sensor is just one way to measure the signal.

An intriguing view. May I ask what information a photon carries?

That it is there, and its energy.

Since (in these cases) we can only experience representations which merely resemble (and perhaps resonate with) our own sensory capacities via instruments - through one's "mind's eye" - conceptual relationships between "information" and "energy data" may represent somewhat tenuous ones.

If one pre-ceives the sky to be of a blue-ish hue, the means by which per-ception arises - whether via periodic/random processes - are arguably secondary to one's own given sensory expectations.

In a monochromatic example, compare perceptual response to the output of the Java applet here:


(when set to a Delay Time equal to 16 mSec) with a Noise Level of 240 (as opposed to one of 40).

Perhaps the metaphor "signal" relates primarily to what we expect to be, and/or are pleased by, perceiving - and the metaphor "noise" arises as conceptualizations regarding any various remainders.


We can conceptualize variations in total light energy itself (when sampled by arrays of identical photosites) as varying by the square-root of an area (or of individual photosite outputs). Some (sensor fabrication process-dependent) .elements of Read Noise. appear to be less predictable.

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