Camera Munufacturers, please stop...

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Re: Camera Munufacturers, please stop...

Ken Croft wrote:

I have a Canon 60D which I do not want to carry everywhere, so as my always-with-me camera I have had a Canon S95 for the past two years. It produces excellent images, for a pocket camera. But I can afford a better carry-around camera and I have been looking at the much hyped and highly specified Sony RX100, both versions. Despite the hype and the spec which raises expectations, the results from published tests look just a bit better at base ISO [worse in the case of the RX100-II] than the S95. Not a lot better, just a bit, and of course they are deemed to be excellent, for a pocket camera. So I am a bit confused, and the waters have been muddied even more by three frustrating months trying to squeeze stunning images from the miniscule sensor of the Canon SX50. I failed and ebayed it, happy to take the loss.

So one evening when browsing through holiday pictures on the computer, I came across just ordinary snaps taken with the entry level dslr that I had at the time, the Canon 350D and cheapo Sigma 18-125mm. These were taken in 2006, 8 years ago, and what I saw really woke me up. The pictures were stunning in comparison to the S95, the RX100, the SX50 and all other small-imager pictures I have taken. So now I know that my next pocket camera should have an APS-C sized imager; so what have we got. At first I found the Nikon "A". Sorry, I must read that again! £650? There must be some mistake, but no, that is even a special offer price. Then I found the Ricoh GR [aka Pentax] for £560, again as a special offer. You really are taking the p*ss you lot! All I want is a simple pocket camera. I do not want the mechanical complexity of mirrors flapping about nor do I want a pentaprism. I don’t really need an adjustable movable rear screen. I don’t want a socket into which I can fit an EVF that costs as much as the camera. And I certainly do not want NFC, WiFi, GPS, VD or AIDS and nor do I really need an image stabilizer, in my film days I managed quite nicely without one. I can get all of that complication, well maybe not VD or AIDS, and Canon can make a profit, from a £300 Canon dslr complete with zoom lens. All I want is a plastic box with a fixed prime lens and a 3" screen on the outside and an APS-C imager on the inside. How difficult can that be? I don’t even want warranty, at that price it will be in the bin if it goes wrong and I will just buy another, so you don’t even need a backup and repair service. And you can forget the fancy box and useless CD’s just pack it in a padded bag and I will download the software and instructions from the internet. If Canikon can sell a complete dslr for £300 then a fair price for my camera would be £100, but let us not be too radical, let’s say £200. At that price it would fly off the shelves and would revive the fortunes of any ailing camera manufacturer.

So come on, ditch the bells and whistles, stop taking..., and give us an APS-C camera at a sensible price.

Maybe I might even stretch to £300.

Ken from the UK now in France

I have not read any replies yet but the Samsung NX1000 sounds like what you need at the price. I had one and it is a very capable camera. I actually didn't get on with it because it was too easy to use and I didn't like the white colour of my example. Panasonic and Olympus make similar M4/3 cameras but at this price point none have a viewfinder that I can think of.

The main problem you seem to have is your perception of the value of money, as opposed to actual value for your money. This is NOT an camera problem it is a monetary one. That camera companies are working with margins that are wafer thin at best and massively loss-making at worst, should tell you something about 'value'.

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