OMD EM1 or Fuji XT1.. getting around noise issue on m 4/3 ?

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Re: OMD EM1 or Fuji XT1.. getting around noise issue on m 4/3 ?

Steve wrote:

i'm trolling around trying to decide between the 2 subject cameras. i want smaller and lighter (no tri-poding than my ex d7000.. (although xt1 takes APC sized lenses, so i'm not sure the xt1 will give me much of a size advance with an APC lens)..

The EM-1 is noisier than the Fuji.. but i'm wondering if the EM1 with its great stabilization would allow me to shoot at lower ISOs than the Fuji.. and therefore help to minimize noise..

i guess this is a tough question as probably very few if any people have tested this out.

Well I have seen this question asked on the Fuji X forum, and of course you can only imagine the response.  They would tell you in a heartbeat to pick the Fuji XT1 due to the larger sensor and Fuji's great colors.  Perhaps they are right.  I sure looked at the new Fuji when I was searching for another 2nd camera body.  The new Fuji XT1 certainly seems like a much improved and great camera, but then so is the new E-M1.  While the focusing issues seem improved, I still read about owners with issues it is still not as fast as they would want.  Too bad too the Fuji didn't incorporate some kind of image stabilization and rear touch screen or they might have a perfect camera. I opted to buy the E-M1 for the super fast focus, the great stabilization, the focus peaking I didn't have in my GH3, and because I already had some great lenses for my GH3 that would work on a E-M1.

I have had the E-M1 for about a month and I have no real regrets.  The E-M1 is an outstanding camera with overall exception features.  Not perfect, but very very good.  I seriously doubt the image quality you would get from either camera is that far apart, but if you are a being technical you would have to rightly still give the nod to the Fuji XT1 by a slim margin.  For quick focus, for stabilization, for overall features, I think it is more a draw or tilting towards the E-M1.  It won't disappoint you.  Also some exceptional lense choices in MFT.


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