Flickr redesign has started.... :((

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Re: Flickr redesign has started.... :((

It's a pain when sites keep re-designing themselves and users have to adjust.  Still, and I guess I'm in the minority here, I much prefer the new interface.

I don't use the comments and community features.  Nor do I use Flickr to display my portfolio (I don't have a portfolio, but if I did the Flickr photostream is not where I would keep it).  I use Flickr as cloud backup and to host photos for blogs and forums.  I also use it for friends to download hi-res versions of photos I've posted elsewhere or emailed to them.  For my usage, the new design is better.  It's easy now to get the html embed codes (which was not possible in the early beta) and it's easier to explain how to download a photo for people who've never visited Flickr before.

These issues were discussed on the beta feedback forums, where I chimed in along with many other users.  The Flickr team actually delivered on several of the features we requested.  We haven't managed to convince them to ditch the Ken Burns slideshow effect, but at least there's a workaround now -- though it's hardly intuitive and I doubt most users will ever figure it out.  Alas but as always, there's no substitute for RTFM.

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