Are you interested in dynamic range measurements on Sigma cameras?

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Re: Nonsense

Roland Karlsson wrote:

If you can recover lots of "lost" highlight, then it is not really lost. It is just the tool (SPP) that throws it away. And this seems to be a deliberate design by Sigma. The camera expose less than you think it does. And that is called under exposure.

According to Kendall this is a choice Sigma has made because it optimises image quality.

That might be right.

But still, it is under exposed. At least if you use the max useful level as definition of ISO, which is common to do for digital cameras.

If what Kendall says is true it is an interesting choice. Although my Sigma has very nice detail in the bright and contrasty parts of the image I find the darker areas lack the same level of detail. The black levels don't look crushed but you can't look into the shadowy or low contrast areas and see much going on there. The subtle variations in level are lost.



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