Who's got the most expeerience with 3rd party teleonverters?

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Re: Who's got the most expeerience with 3rd party teleonverters?

Nikon have no AF converter to fit your lens.

The Kenko Pro 300 1.4x and 2x support AF on this lens.

When I switched to Nikon in 1999 Nikon had a manual focus 1970's technology TC14a converter for most lenses and AF "e" converters with protruding front elements which could not be fitted to most lenses. I owned both types of Nikon.

Then the Kenko Pro 300 1.4x supporting AF on all Nikon AF lenses came out and I bought one. I found the Kenko easily out performed the 1970's designed Nikon 14a MF converter on several lenses where the 14a was Nikon's recommended converter. I have seen similar comment but cannot confirm the Nikon 14b is similarly weak compared to Kenko on designated 14b lenses.

With no AF and lower optical quality I promptly sold the MF Nikon 14a.

On this basis the Kenko Pro seem better than 1960's technology you refer to.

The Nikon AF "e" converters are a little better performers than the Kenko but do not AF with your lens. Even if they can be modified to fit, the Nikon "e" series converters would not AF.

If you want a modern AF converter for your lens it is Kenko or nothing.

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