D800 with Sigma 24 105mm f4 Art Lens Anyone using?

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Re: Question is, is it better than Nikon 24-120F4?

Daniel Clune wrote:

Is this new sigma lens better than the Nikon 24-120F4? I have the Nikon lens. Kinda curious.

I bought this lens 2 month ago. Before this lens, I had the Nikon 2.8/24-70 and the Tamron 2.8/24-70. I just can compare the Sigma to this both lenses. What I really like on the Sigma is, that it focuses real well with my D800E (over the whole zoom range). I also tested this Sigma and a lot Nikon and Tamron lenses mentioned above. I never found a Nikon or a Tamron copy, which was that good for focusing! (I tested 3 Nikon and 6 Tamron lenses with Reikan Focal in Multipoint mode.)

In addition, the lens is really sharp. I can’t make a full lens review here. But if somebody would ask for a comparison for all three mentioned lenses at aperture 4, no lens is really an absolut winner (over the whole zoom range). Knowing the lens measurements at Dxomark I think, the Sigma is for sure better than the Nikon 4/24-120.

To other owners of the mentioned Sigma lens: Has somebody a lens profile for LR5 for that lens? I tried to build up my own lens profile with the Adobe lens profiler but was not very successful. The Adobe program is realy bad for large raw files from the D800 (memory problems). The created lens profile was bad too, especially for the correction of the vignette. Maybe I did something wrong, I don’t know!

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