Flickr redesign has started.... :((

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They really have made things hard to find

The frustrating thing about Flickr is they always give you options... without making those options easy to find. It feels like they want to force you to use the "facebook-like" interface.

And, since they seem to redesign their style once every year or so, you have to keep relearning how to do things the way you want them done.

Flickr has become much less user friendly. And you have to balance the pros and the cons to decide if you want to use Flickr, or even if you want to keep using Flickr.

There are lots of pros:

  • Dirt cheap. It's hard to get cheaper than FREE for 1 TB of storage
  • The absolute best groups and group discussions. A real sense of community
  • The only photo site using a blog style photostream (if you like this)
  • Photos are now displayed large and with black backgrounds
  • Has limited photo editing functions like Picassa
  • Has simple and effective privacy controls
  • Well designed statistical tracking of photos, views, favorites, comments. etc
  • Easy batch editing of titles, tags, permissions, etc.
  • Extremely reliable and stable. Almost no service outages. Triple backups.

But there are also plenty of cons:

  • Poor for portfolio presentation. Puts the latest upload first.
  • Not designed for selling photos. No longer associated with Getty
  • Frequent interface changes that can be confusing
  • As soon as you get used to a new interface, they roll out a newer one
  • Gives you options that are hard to find. Not much intuitive here
  • Help Forum not always that helpful
  • They make it hard to post photo links to anywhere else but Flickr. It can be done, but it requires a work around, which is clumsy.

On balance, I like Flickr, and since it is essentially free, I cannot think of one good reason to drop them. But there are plenty of good reasons for adding a second paid service to do the things that Flickr doesn't do well. Like portfolio, presentation, or selling. A combination of Flickr and Zenfolio, or Smugmug, or Pbase could work well for some folks.

Incidentally, I have one of the few remaining paid accounts that was grandfathered. That means I pay $25 a year for unlimited storage (which is a lot more than 1 TB, but I cannot imagine ever needing more than 1 TB.) This also means I never see their ads.

Their new pricing works like this:

  • Free account - 1 TB of storage, but you see ads................. FREE
  • Ad free account - 1 TB of storage, without ads........$49.95 a year
  • Double account - 2 TB of storage, without ads.......$300.00 a year

Clearly, they set their pricing to prevent anyone from ever buying the double account. I think they did this to prevent commercial use of their accounts.

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