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Re: The D700 was a marketing anomaly

bobn2 wrote:

Rick Knepper wrote:

that Nikon would be stupid to repeat (great for the customers, bad for Nikon). The D800/E should not be viewed as a general purpose camera IMO. Nikon users who do perceive or try to use the D800 as a general purpose camera feel it has mediocre specs (other than the sensor) when in reality it is a high rez camera with excellent specs for the resolution involved.

I bought the 22 MP 5D3 which serves as my general purpose camera.

I find is strange when people say the D800 isn't a 'general purpose camera'. I use mine for sports/action and it copes pretty well. In 1.2x mode it runs at 5FPS, which is a bit slower than the 5DIII's 6 FPS, but while 6 is better than 5, it's difficult to say that it's an order of magnitude better. If you just have one camera, the D800 covers all bases pretty well. The 5DIII covers some bases a bit better and some a bit worse - they are both general purpose, just slightly different emphasis.

And the D800s, whatever the name is, looks like it'll be even better as a general purpose camera, especially if they keep the 1.2x crop and add a couple of fps to it (would be 7, right?). I find the 1.2x crop a great everyday format, only too bad the VF cannot be adjusted to it, maybe when they come up with a hybrid O/EVF.

I think if that comes, many still D700's users will be (finally) satisfied. Maybe even the D300s users, if at 1.5x crop it does 8fps.

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