Rumored D800s

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Re: For sure not same

I would wager a moderate amount of money on there not being any major difference in Cam 3500 between a D7100/D800/D4.

I sense your hesitation! "Moderate amount" says you have some reservation here.

You may possibly be right, and you certainly seem convinced.  I would be hard pressed even to try a D4 or any other 16MP camera.  I'm spoiled!  And my bifs are pretty good, even the hummingbirds and swallows, but then I could get those with a D7000, too.  Bifs are not terribly hard if you're willing to hang around and keep firing.   One of the least skilled of the photographic trades, given the amazing machinery we have.  People managed to get excellent examples with one point AF and a couple of fps in years gone by.  So an extra $3000 on a camera with much less res requiring an even bigger lens for decent feather detail isn't really of interest...

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