First atempt at HDR's

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Re: First atempt at HDR's

I think you did pretty good from the standpoint of HDR processing.  BTW, AFAIC PM-Pro is the absolute best HDR S/W if you want to approach a "somewhat realistic" look when converting a set of bracketed shots.

Additionally, I'd like to say your chosen scene looked good to me but unfortunately the clouds let you down.  Sadly, you never know about the goodness (or badness) of sunrises or sunsets until you actually arrive at the "moment of truth" and then it's normally a disappointment.

LOL (actually it's not a laughing matter) ... I can't begin to tell you how many times I've been disappointed by a sunrise or sunset because the clouds were either non-existent, not in the right location, or just plain mushy and boring.

Joe Kurkjian

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