D4s has smaller RAW buffer than D4??

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Re: D4s has smaller RAW buffer than D4??

crosstype wrote:

It really just depends on the scene. The amount of information stored into the RAW file would significantly impact the flushing performance. Yes, for some scenes the D4S is able to capture more details (even with the same parameters, because the D4S' actual ISO sensitivity is higher than that of the D4 with the same manufacturer value), hence having to write more data into the memory card.

With everything OFF, 14-bit lossless compressed RAW, and identical lens, identical Sony 180MB/s XQD, they outperform each other in different situations.

For this scene the D4S took 81 pictures at 11 fps, while the D4 took 80 pictures at 10 fps.

For this scene the D4S took 73 pictures at 11 fps, while the D4 took 75 pictures at 10 fps.

What I shot was similar (didn't keep the images ,though). Yours seem to make sense - you are getting comparable performance between the 2 cameras and your numbers are in line with those predicted in Nikon's manuals. However, in every case my D4s records SIGNIFICANTLY less images in a RAW burst before slow down (25-30% less). I'm beginning to think sometign might be wrong with it based on your results.

BTW - here is Nikon USA's response:

How's that for tech support/customer service - NOT!!!!

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