Rumored D800s

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Re: I previously suggested 7 fps in 1.2x crop Bob...

JimPearce wrote:

If so this will be the first Nikon FX camera to really tempt me. Now all I need is that 600 f4 FL VR!

If it really is 7 fps in 1.2 crop and maybe even 8 fps in 1.5 crop the the D810/D800S/whatever it is called will be first true "do every thing" camera.  It will have both the max resolution available in a DSLR and also enough FPS  to be an excellent fast action camera.  It would make it the most versatile DSLR on the market.  It would be like having both D3X and damn near a 1D Mark IV  in a single camera that is almost half the size.

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