Are you worried about light leak in your X-T1?

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Re: Hopefully it works out for you

rjx wrote:

Sounds like it would have been easier to have Fuji send you a box to ship the XT1 in and knowing for sure your camera won't have the defect when it returns. Instead of having Amazon go through the trouble of sending you another one and crossing your fingers that it doesn't have a light leak issue.

It's unlikely to be a problem. Amazon replaced mine a couple of weeks ago. Not because of the light leak, which it had, but due to a problem with shutter speed. They had to delay the shipment for 24 hours while waiting on new stock to arrive. The new one they shipped me was well beyond the serial number range Fuji said was defective. And, it is light leak free. Anything Amazon gets at this point will be fine.

I'll toot Amazon's horn. Their service was outstanding. They shipped the new camera before they received the defective camera. In fact, I could have kept the defective camera until receiving the replacement unit. They reimbursed me for the return shipping cost. I had paid for overnight shipping on the original order. They sent the replacement camera to me overnight as well. I received several emails from their customer service representative that handled my case. She was in touch at every point. I could not have been happier.

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