According to Nikon Canada, D800 and D4 AF modules are NOT the same

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Re: According to Nikon Canada, D800 and D4 AF modules are NOT the same

Likely the daughter board that the AF sensor is soldered to is different... i.e. in a replacement, you would replace the whole daughter board and not desolder the AF sensor to replace it. So, in that sense, the part would be different with perhaps different connectors too depending on how the mobos are spec'd out.

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I have a D800e ( previously a D800 ) and a D4. It has always been my opinion that the D800 and D4 AF systems are not the same. A lot of fellows on here took the position that they both have the same AF Advanced Multi-cam 3500, and that Nikon would not make two different versions and that any difference would be in the software.

Well this morning I called Nikon Canada and told them I wanted to have them install the D4 AF module in my 800 ( actually 800e but I said 800 ) The fellow checked and said it could not be done. I probed him for more info and tried to find out why it couldn't be done. He done some more checking for me and said that it's a different part number, different module to camera connection, and that the module itself is different. Even though they are both Advanced Multi-Cam 3500AF they are not the same, they are not interchangeable. I called NikonUSA, and while I could not get as much info, the fellow checked it out and told me they could not put the D4 AF in a D800 for me. So much for the "commonality parts" theory!

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