Yet another D7100 vs D600 question for consideration ...

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Yet another D7100 vs D600 question for consideration ...

So yes, the "Should I by the D7000/7100 or the D600/610" question has been beaten into the ground repeatedly over the past year but there are so many subtle variations to it that different circumstances make the decision foggier.

I am an enthusiast photographer, I have a crappy 18-200 Sigma from the earlier part of the decade that will be replaced regardless of which body I buy, so you can consider me "starting fresh."

I'm not dirt poor, but I 'm not spewing cash out of my mouth either. Ordinarily, the decision would be easy if I were paying 'new' prices I'd have to go with the D7100.

-I do a lot of wildlife photography

-I like the better AF system

-I like the flexibility to go to 7fps in crop mode

-I like that lenses are cheaper and lighter

BUT - there is no denying that at the end of the day the D600 can produce better images overall - the differences are clear to see with the naked eye, in my opinion.

A friend of a friend has a d600 that he's selling and he's asking $1,200 for it. He's had it a little over a year, had nikon replace the shutter assembly (has the documentation) and it has a low actuation count since the shutter replacement. He just wants to get some quick cash, I don't know if this is the going price for a used d600 but it seems like a good deal to me.

Then again, once I buy it I can afford a 50mm FX lens and 1 other lens, probably a DX lens which means I lose quality shooting in crop mode for the nature stuff I love shooting. I know the 7100 will beat the pants off the 600 in crop mode for wildlife, but part of me says I should go for it anyway and just save up for some better FX glass down the road.


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