Are you worried about light leak in your X-T1?

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Re: Are you worried about light leak in your X-T1?

wchutt wrote:

I am not the least bit worried.

  • The problem only exists for very long shutter times, which I don't use. The compartment access door is sealed so even in extremely bright light with normal shutter times the problem is negligible.
  • If I did need very long shutter times, I would need a tripod. When the camera is on a tripod, and when the access door must be open I could drape a black cloth over the remote cord/compartment. Many experienced photographers who use very long shutter times cover their cameras with a black cloth anyway.
  • Fujifilm will fix the problem.

I will get my body fixed eventually, but I'm in no rush to do it.

You do not need long shutter times or bright lights to see if you have the light leak, with mine you left the lens cap on , opened the side door and in normal daylight inside my office without any lights turned on, the purple intrusion was quarter way across the screen - If you have got it -you have got it. Mine has just been returned by Fuji UK, full return time 8 days which I thought was excellent plus they sent the packaging and paid for the postage, I couldn't ask for more.

I know these are retro cameras but I didn't think this extended as far as using the black cloth draped over your head, Fuji should supply one in the kit!! Where's their telephone number again!

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